Exhibition at Arundel Festival

Geoffrey Stinton, a contemporary sculptor based in Sussex, has long been recognised for pioneering monocoque structures using modern composites as the sculpting medium, enabling him to produce beautiful shell-shaped harps which are weather resistant, unlike their wooden forerunners. His Aeolian harp is a highly imaginative and technologically advanced representation of an ancient instrument with a fascinating history.

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Aeolian harps custom made by designer Geofrey Stinton.

These Aeolian harps or Windharps are perfect as garden ornaments amd are not affected by weather.

Geofrey has been designing and creating bespoke Aeolian Harps for many years and his Windharps can be found in the grounds of many country estates.

These Aeolian harps are not only working instruments but also beautifully crafted sculptures that enhance their surroundings.